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Deathrock Goth

10 May 2023

Deathrock goth is a type of goth subculture that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s in Los Angeles, California with the genesis of DeathrockDeath Rock Goth could be classified between Trad Goth and Punk with their attire particularly influenced by ghoulish literature, undead comic characters, and punk rock music.


  • Leather jackets or vests with studs, spikes, or patches
  • Band t-shirts or tops with graphic prints
  • Skinny jeans or leather pants
  • Combat boots or platform shoes
  • Fishnet or ripped stockings
  • Studded belts or bullet belts
  • Chokers or leather collars
  • Fingerless gloves or arm warmers
  • Dark makeup with bold eyeliner or dark lipstick
  • Colored or partially shaved hair, including mohawks or buzz cuts.
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