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Pastel Goth

04 May 2023

Pastel Goth, also called "Kawaii Goth" or "Spooky Kawaii", is a Fashion trend that emerged in the late 2000s and that combines elements of traditional Goth and Grunge subculture with bright pastel colors and cute, playful imagery from the Kawaii Fashion style.

(Important note: This type of goth has no relation with the original gothic subculture other than its related visual aesthetic) 


The subculture and fashion style of Pastel Goth originated from groups and gained popularity in the early 2010s on Tumblr. Its influence also briefly extended to Japan, where DJ Juria Nakagawa incorporated elements of Pastel Goth into her style, which was highly influenced by popular trends on Tumblr and increased this style's popularity in the Japanese Street Fashion scene


The clothing style of pastel goth combines elements of goth fashion with pastel colors, kawaii fashion, and other playful elements. Here are some common types of clothes worn in pastel goth fashion:

  • Pastel-colored clothing, such as dresses, skirts, and tops
  • Oversized sweaters or cardigans with cute prints or designs
  • Leggings or tights with pastel colors or playful patterns, such as stripes, polka dots, or stars
  • Platform shoes, particularly in black or pastel colors
  • Studded or spiked chokers, collars, or bracelets
  • Hair accessories, such as bows, clips, or headbands with cute or goth designs
  • Backpacks or purses with playful prints or designs, such as unicorns, cats, or bats
  • Fishnet stockings, particularly in pastel colors
  • Mesh or lace clothing, such as skirts or dresses
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts with playful designs or graphics, such as cute animals or goth motifs.
  • Pastel or dip-dye hair
  • Flower crowns
  • Studded headbands
  • Round sunglasses
  • Unusual color lipstick
  • Chunky cross necklaces
  • Beaded/pastel bracelets
  • Peter pan collars
  • Dyed denim vests
  • Oversized cardigans/sweaters
  • Oversize sweaters or tees
  • Leather garters
  • Tattoo print tights
  • Striped knee socks
  • Lace ankle socks
  • Creepers (the shoes)
  • Platform boots

Visuals & Inspirations

  • Gradient filters
  • Dripping things (like dripping fonts, dripping leggings, and others)
  • Eyeball bows
  • Skeletons and bones
  • Bats
  • The yin yang symbol
  • Crystals
  • Edits of Disney characters wearing the fashion
  • Black cats
  • Inverted crosses
  • Graffiti paint
  • Sparkly things (stars, hearts, etc)
  • Anime-like profile photos
  • Kawaii offensive text
  • Mean Girls quotes
  • Pastel skies and galaxies
  • Sanrio characters (such as Kuromi and My Melody)
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