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Soft Goth

04 May 2023

Soft Goth is a fashion subculture that blends elements of traditional goth fashion with more feminine and delicate touches. It is characterized by its use of pastel colors, lace, frills, and other girly details incorporated into the traditionally dark and edgy style of goth fashion.

Soft Goth fashion tends to be more understated and subtle, with a focus on mixing textures and layering different fabrics. The overall effect is a softer, more ethereal version of traditional goth fashion that still maintains the core aesthetic of dark and mysterious style. Soft Goth also often incorporates elements of vintage and retro fashion, such as 1950s silhouettes or Victorian-inspired lace details.

(Important note: This type of goth has no relation with the original gothic subculture other than its related visual aesthetic) 


Clothing in soft goth fashion often incorporates dark, muted colors such as black, gray, navy, and burgundy, but may also include softer pastels like blush and lavender. Fabrics such as lace, chiffon, and silk are often used to create a delicate and feminine look, while leather and studs can be incorporated to add an edge.

Layering is a key aspect of soft goth fashion, with long cardigans, oversized sweaters, and flowing skirts or dresses often paired with leggings or skinny jeans. Accessories like scarves, hats, and fingerless gloves can be added to complete the look.

Footwear in soft goth fashion can vary, but often includes boots such as combat boots, ankle boots, or platform boots. Ballet flats or oxfords can also be worn for a more delicate look.

Makeup in soft goth fashion often involves a natural look with a touch of darkness, such as subtle smoky eye makeup or dark lipstick. Hair is typically worn down and flowing, with natural waves or curls, or styled into loose braids or buns.


Texture is a key element of soft goth fashion. Think lace, velvet, satin, and silk. Layering different textures is a great way to add depth and interest to an outfit. For example, a velvet skirt paired with a lace blouse, or a silk slip dress worn over a band tee.


Soft goth silhouettes tend to be more flowy and romantic than traditional goth fashion. Maxi dresses, flowing skirts, and loose tops are all popular choices. These silhouettes are often layered with each other or with heavier pieces like leather jackets or boots.


Accessories are an important part of any soft goth look. Chokers, delicate necklaces, and statement rings are popular jewelry choices. Scarves, hats, and gloves can add texture and interest to an outfit. Shoes tend to be a mix of edgy and feminine styles, such as combat boots or chunky platform sandals.


Soft goth makeup is often characterized by a smoky eye and a dark lip. However, softer, more natural makeup looks can also work well. Soft goths tend to emphasize a pale, ethereal complexion, so highlighting and contouring can be used to create a more sculpted, dramatic effect.

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